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What is a Dutch Oven Gathering?

A Dutch Oven Gathering or DOG, as they are often called, is a gathering of friends and family that enjoy rustic cooking and the great outdoors. The fellowship that is achieved while cooking as a group is what makes the gathering fun and memorable. These folks gather to cook, trade recipes and secrets, tell a few stories and share a meal.

A Dutch Oven Gathering passes along the tradition of the pioneer spirit that helped make this country great. Cooking, especially outdoors is a skill that is missing from our generation, call it a survival skill, if you will. A Dutch Oven Gathering is not a competition, it is an experience.

A Dutch Oven Gathering is where experienced cooks share their knowledge with others that are interested in the hobby. All you need is your cast iron pots, utensils, a fire pan or cook table, a few recipes and a chuck box full of food. Most cooks will prepare 2 or 3 dishes: a Main Dish, a Side Dish, Bread, Rolls or a Dessert. These recipes should be made from scratch as much as possible. The dishes are cooked in a Camp Dutch Oven heated with charcoal or coals from a campfire. A Dutch Oven Gathering is usually free but a small fee may be collected to cover the cost of a park shelter or pavilion. The only real cost is the food you bring to cook and share.

Most Dutch Oven Gatherings will have a director or organizer with a few rules or requirements, if any. The finish time or dinner time is usually predetermined. Everyone should schedule their recipes and cook time accordingly to meet the finish deadline. Then all the dishes are displayed at a central serving table for all the participants and guest to enjoy.

If you have never cooked in a Dutch oven and want to learn, a Dutch Oven Gathering is a great place to learn. Many Dutch Oven Cooks are more than happy to help you get started. Many backyard cooks are discovering that recipes made in the kitchen can be made outdoors in a Dutch oven. If you enjoy cooking and want to try it over an open fire, then you’ll love Dutch Oven Cooking.

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